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Health and Safety packages supporting a group of primary school Head Teachers.

November 2015

The Client

The Primary School based in Cheshire in a 1950’s building with 75 staff & 220 pupils.  Health and Safety in Care was first introduced to the school by request to audit their Health and Safety Management system prior to an imminent visit from the Local Authority School Services Team.  As identified through the audit, we created a Health and Safety Action Plan to enable the Head Teacher to prioritise safety improvements and thus meet legislative requirements.  We then handled the introduction of workplace monitoring by working with the School Site Manager and trained members of the Senior Leadership Team on how to effectively carry out their H&S responsibilities to support the Head Teacher.

The Project

Since the initial project completion, we work directly with the school on an ongoing basis, acting as Competent Person Advisor to the Head Teacher.  We assist by recommending best practices and providing staff training (such as Carrying out Dynamic Risk Assessments and Fire Warden Duties) and working with the Site Manager to ensure records and safety systems work ‘in a way suitable for their specific needs’.  We review results of workplace inspections, make adjustments and provide reports to school governors on a quarterly basis.

How this has proved its worth

The school has committed to completing all benchmarks set by the Local Authority inspectors before the next Audit (Jan 17).  They have moved premises to a new build and increased the numbers of staff and pupil numbers.  The commitment by the Senior Leadership Team to motivate staff to proactively manage potential hazards in the classroom has been effectively put into practice, monitored through safety committee meetings.  Staff are involved with the risk assessment process and school inductions are streamlined through the introduction of a bespoke school handbook and a formal induction form.  External training providers, such as After School Club and Sports/Music tutors are inducted in the same way providing them with detailed information relating to the do’s and don’ts relevant to the school.

The Site Manager has ongoing telephone support from us and has built up an excellent recording system to prove compliance with legislative requirements.  The systems now in place enable him to prioritise workload providing staff and governors with feedback as to progress with ongoing maintenance schedules.  This also allows for resource planning to take place making maintenance budgets more transparent.

The ‘Aha’ moment

For this school, the value of having improved safety systems in place cannot be understated.  Not only was it a requirement of health and safety legislation and the local authority (as the schools’ employer), the subsequent audit will be an easier process to complete.  This underscores a profound truth for the school and all other educational facilities: it is not only a legal requirement to operate a Health and Safety Management system, but it must work with your environment taking into account your resources and risk levels.  With the ‘blame’ culture a realistic threat for all schools, having support from an external H&S advisor acting to support the Competent Person is a realistic and affordable solution.

How they got there

This school has been our client for over 12 months and these particular outcomes are the direct result of the following services:

1. Audits & Inspections

2. Risk Assessments

3. H&S Policy & Procedures

4. Training

5. Staff Handbook

6. Administration Pack


    Adele Partridge

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Adele provides advice as needed, and does not give information that is not needed.  There is no “hard sell” and the paperwork supplied is  easy to follow and well presented”

Deputy Head Teacher

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